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Every effort has been made to faithfully produce the material and subjects as submitted. However, no responsibility is assumed by the organizers for any mistake and the view does not necesary reflect the opinion of the association but is a reflection of the authors' opinion.

Opinions and views expressed in this web site are not necessarily those of the publishers or editorial staff of the publication.

The main intention is to provide material to enhance viewers diagnostic skills and knowledge. Illustrations are welcomed and should contain features that will directly aid viewer to make the diagnosis, and to give knowledge in easy way. If there is a picture of a patient , then written permission for publication from the parents or guardians should be forwarded with the material for submission.

Chief Author: www.papna.org
Dr. Saleh Al-Shorafa
Consultant Pediatrician & Pediatric Nephrologist
Chairman: Pediatric Nephrology Group, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Representative in Pan-Arab Pediatric Nephrology Association (PAPNA)
President of Pan-Arab Pediatric Nephrology Association (PAPNA)

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